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Human Resource Management Directorate

The Human Resource Management Directorate executes functions associated with the Office of the Administrative Assistant’s responsibility for oversight, management, and delivery of military and civilian human resources. We manage military personnel strength, awards, policies and actions.

We provide support to Soldiers assigned or attached to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, as well as Joint and Army organizations within and outside the continental United States (CONUS). We develop, implement, and evaluate civilian human resource programs, execute civilian personnel authorities, and provide personnel guidance for and assistance to Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) activities.

Pace Award

The Pace Award is presented annually in the name of former Secretary of the Army Frank Pace, Jr., who served as Secretary from 12 April 1950 through 20 January 1953. The award recipients will be honored at a ceremony in the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes and will receive a Pace Award certificate mounted on a plaque and pen set. Individuals selected as runners-up for the award will receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Secretary of the Army.

Resource Services - Washington

Resource Services-Washington (RSW) provides resource management and force management support for over two hundred activities within the Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) that perform a variety of readiness and operations support functions Army-wide. RSW manages the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution process for Army headquarters organizations and activities. Also, the Director, RSW is the Co-Executive for the Army Organize Program Evaluation Group (OO PEG), the authority that determines valid to critical requirements in support of the Army's Strategic Initiatives and priorities.

Directorate of Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity

The OAA plays an important role in equal employment opportunity programs for Department of the Army civilians and acts in compliance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts and the Rehabilitation Act.

The Directorate of Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity ensures that all civilian employees and applicants for employment receive equal opportunities in employment regardless of race, sex, age, national origin, color, religion, or disability. The products and services that the directorate provides are advisory support, developing and implementing cultural/ethnic observances, and special emphasis and community outreach programs; conducting diversity and DEEO awareness training; managing and processing discrimination complaints; providing reasonable accommodations; and initiating program assessments and evaluations.

Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Website

Special Programs Office

Administers and/or oversees the following special Programs:

Army Emergency Relief (AER) Campaign for HQDA

Annual fundraising campaign conducted 1 March - 15 May within HQDA. All donations to AER are used to support Soldiers and their families.

Army Suggestion Program

Suspension of the Army Suggestion Program. As the Army continues to deal with current and future fiscal uncertainty the Department must take all necessary measures to reduce spending while protecting wartime operations and critical Soldier and Family programs. Furthermore, Office of the Secretary of Defense guidance has limited the Army's ability to expend funds for discretionary monetary awards until further notice. Therefore, pursuant to Army Regulation 5-17, paragraph 4-4a, the Army's Suggestion Program, formerly known as the Army Ideas for Excellence Program, is hereby suspended. Personnel and budgetary resources required to correct programmatic deficiencies and sustain the Army-wide program are not available.

Civil Liberties Program

The Department of the Army is committed to the protection of the civil liberties of Army employees, members of the military, and the public to the greatest extent possible, consistent with its operational requirements. The Army’s Chief Civil Liberties Officer and Primary Civil Liberties Point of Contact are charged with implementing the Civil Liberties Program through advice, monitoring, official reporting and training.

DA Committee Management Program  |  Federal Advisory Committees Act (FACA) Sponsor

The Headquarters, Department of the Army is responsible for committee management established under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), as well as other Army committees. FACA and other Army committees have fostered a multitude of proposals, recommendations, improvements, and plans that benefit, not only the Department of the Army, but also the Department of Defense, the Soldier, the civilian, and the nation. These initiatives and the implementation of various committee recommendations encompass the areas of science, education, environment, and health and impact them all. The Army is committed to upholding the integrity and credibility of its committee management program. More information on the Department of Army’s and other Federal Advisory Committees, is located at http://fido.gov/facadatabase/.

Emergency and Extraordinary Expense (EEE)  |  Official Representation Funds (ORF)

The RPA Special Programs Directorate prescribes policies and procedures for the use of Emergency and Extraordinary Expense (EEE) funds and Official Representation Funds (ORF). Reviews, processes, and approves Army-wide EEE requests, Army-wide ORF requests for exceptions to AR 37-47 policy, and HQDA ORF requests that comply with regulatory guidance.

Fundraising Campaigns

Combined Federal Campaign is an annual fundraising campaign, authorized by Executive Orders 12353 and 12404 and solicitation is conducted throughout all Army commands within the NCR.

Mass Transportation Benefits

Monthly subsidy benefits for authorized Army employees who work within the National Capital Region and use public transportation as their primary commute from their residence to their work site as directed by Executive Order 13150.

Army Conference Management

The Army Conference Management Directorate (ACMD) is responsible for leading and managing the Army conference effort for the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (AASA) as the proponent on conferences on behalf of the Secretary of the Army (SA). ACMD drafts Army-wide conference policy; develops processes to analyze, track, and report conference activities; ensures Army meets OSD, OMB, and Congressional conference requirements; and prepares conference packages for AASA and SA review.

Army Conferences Policy, Guidance, and Templates (CAC-access only)