The Pace Award

Frank Pace, Jr.

The Pace Award is presented annually in the name of former Secretary of the Army Frank Pace, Jr., who served as Secretary from 12 April 1950 through 20 January 1953. The award recipients will be honored at a ceremony in the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes and will receive a Pace Award certificate mounted on a plaque and pen set. Individuals selected as runners-up for the award will receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Secretary of the Army.

Purpose - The purpose of this award is to give special recognition to both a civilian employee and a military officer officially assigned to Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) for a contribution of outstanding significance to the Army that occurred during the calendar year. The individual contribution must be the result of the nominee’s personal efforts, not the collective effort as head of a staff unit.

Eligibility - Any Army civilian employee, GS-14 equivalent or below, or any military officer, lieutenant colonel or below, who is officially assigned to HQDA in a staff capacity at the close of calendar year 2014 is eligible for nomination. Personnel assigned to Direct Reporting Units are not eligible, but personnel assigned to field operating agencies colocated with their Principal Official in HQDA are.

Basis for Selection - Eligible personnel will be nominated and considered in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Completion of a significant task or staff assignment during calendar year 2015 that brought benefit to the Army, such as a great improvement in service, substantial financial savings, or significant technological or military development. The accomplishments should include efforts above and beyond the routine tasks the individual performed on a daily basis.
  • Performance of assigned duties and responsibilities in such a manner as to have demonstrated outstanding executive, scientific, or technical abilities.

Nomination of Candidates - Principal Officials of HQDA are invited to submit nominations to the Human Resource Management Directorate via email to usarmy.pentagon.hqda-hrmd.mbx.civilian-awards@mail.mil.

Note: Any temporary duty travel associated with receipt of the award is the responsibility of the nominating organization.

What to Submit - The nominating Principal Official will personally endorse each nomination. The nomination packet will consist of the following:

  1. A cover sheet containing:
    1. the nominee’s name, title, grade or rank, organizational location, and length of service;
    2. a brief description of the nominee’s current duties and responsibilities, including the scope of work; and
    3. a point of contact (with telephone extension) for the nomination package.
  2. A written statement of justification that is:
    1. No more than two pages in length (prepared in Arial 12 point); and
    2. As specific as possible and succinctly lists the nominee’s significant contributions and their efforts. Additional materials are not permitted as enclosures.
  3. A proposed citation. A proposed citation consisting of up to 100 words highlighting the significant achievements of the nominee. The citation will be placed on the Pace Award certificate to be signed by the Secretary of the Army.
  4. A DA Form 1256 (Incentive Award Nomination and Approval). Nominating officials will ensure that Part I of the DA Form 1256 is completed. Block 5a (Other) should specify “PACE AWARD.” PRINCIPAL OFFICIALS must sign block 10 of the form.
  5. Biography. The nomination packet must include a biography.

Previous Pace Awards Recipients

LTC C.J. LeVan
Mr. Joseph A. Beauregard

MAJ Charles K. Heiden
Ms. Carolyn Vinci

LTC Joseph Patrick Cribbins
Dr. Lewis H. Blakey

LTC Edwin S. Townsley
Mr. John C. Gilbert

LTC Patricia T. Murphy
Mr. Carleton H. Gray

LTC Stan R. Sheridan
Mr. Paul Curd

LTC George E. Marine
Mr. Kyle F. Davis

LTC James Stanley White
Mr. Mervin A. Frantz, Jr.

LTC William B. Holden
Mr. James W. Dunn

LTC Otto R. Schulz
Ms. Carolyn Jean Gatling

LTC Hugh H. Trumball, Jr.
Mr. Harold M. Cotner

LTC William Baker
Mr. Issa K. Deeb

MAJ Patrick A. Metress
Mr. I. Stanley De Groote

MAJ Charles Sollohub
Mr. Robert A. McDonald

LTC Thomas E. Weber
Mr. John A. Armstrong

LTC John D. Putnam
Mr. Robert D. Wise

LTC James E. Leonard
Mr. James T. Brown

LTC Irvin S. Butler, Jr.
Mr. Robert F. McCoy

LTC Francis E. Mills
Mr. Charles T. Harris

LTC Robert L. Herndon
Mr. Thomas E. Kelly, III

LTC Ira Dorsey
Mr. Robert L. Ruth

LTC James F. McNulty
Ms. Sharon A. Weinhold

LTC Daniel M. Kashporenko
Mr. John Mytryshyn

LTC Daryl R. Kendrick
Mrs. Patricia A. Stone

LTC Eric K. Azuma
Mr. James R. Dominy

LTC Gerald E. Dixon
Mr. Ronald E. Craven

LTC William D. Knox
Mr. Bruce E. Sullivan

MAJ Robert R. Sigl
Mr. Carl W. Biersack

LTC Donald L. Trautner
Mr. Van B. Cunningham

LTC Daniel W. Hearn
Mr. Harvey H. Perritt, III

MAJ Michael J. Clark
Mr. Mervyn M. Copeland

LTC Timothy S. Muchmore
Ms. Jill D. McLean

LTC Joseph E. Martz
Ms. Maureen E. Wylie

LTC Ronald W. Johnson
Mr. Mervyn Copeland

LTC Victoria Diego-Allard
Mr. Gary Bounds

LTC John J. Spinelli
Mr. Joseph S. Vallone

LTC Jerry P. Brown
Ms. Brigitt S. Seymour

MAJ Gregory P. Oelberg
Mr. Bruce Allen Park

MAJ Maria M. Donovan
Mr. Alan R. Butler

LTC Joseph W. Corrigan
Ms. Sandra M. Carpenter

LTC Roderick K. Wade
Mr. John P. Boyce, Jr.

MAJ Paul B. Olsen
Ms. Deborah K. Todd

LTC Thomas H. Barth
Ms. Lynne McCann

LTC Frederick J. Gellert
Mr. Robert P. Sipe

* During calendar year 2008, a Noncommissioned officer also was recognized in honor of the “Year of the NCO.”

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