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Central Criminal Court of Iraq (CCCI)

Title:Central Criminal Court of Iraq (CCCI)
Description:The Secretary of the Army is designated as DoD EA for CCCI support. The EA shall provide support including, but not limited to, assigning or detailing personnel to the support cell, as appropriate; facilitating and funding the travel of their respective Departmental personnel for CCCI case preparation and proceedings; providing DoD military and civilian investigative assistance and technical support as required by the DoD EA, including teleconferencing and recording support; and other assistance as may be deemed necessary. The designation was extended to 30 Sept 2009 by Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England.
Authority Source:DSD Memo December 19, 2008
Date Assigned:19 Jul 2004
Signature:Deputy Secretary of Defense
Delegated Responsible Official:The Judge Advocate General
Primary Document (PDF): DSD Memo: "Support for Prosecutions in the Central Criminal Court of Iraq (CCCI)" DEC 19 2008
Secondary Document (PDF): Action Memo: "Extension Request- Executive Agency for Central Criminal Court of Iraq" SEP 16 2005 DSD Memo: "Extension of Support for Prosecutions in the Central Criminal Court of Iraq (CCCI)" OCT 10 2005 SecDef Action Memo Correspondence
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Date Modified:28 Sep 2011